Main Features Provided By WISED

These are some of the main features from WISED software...

Clear “tree” presentation of criteria

Hierarchical representation of the evaluation criteria;
Possibility of copy and “drag and drop” of criteria;
Easy access to editing and preview of each criteria;

MACBETH methodology implementation

Implementation of one of the most respected multiple criteria decision analysis methodologies - MACBETH;
Obtain scores from qualitative judgments;
Obtain weights from qualitative judgments;
Solve the “most common critical mistake”;

Model Collaboration

Invite other users to help on specific model tasks;
Limit invited users’ access to specific criteria;
Choose invited users’ access rights by model features;

Graphic presentation of scales

Show scales in a grafical representation for better analysis;
Represent both qualitative and quantitative scales;

Easy Weighting

Easily weight criteria using MACBETH;
Represent weights in a clean histogram;
Use qualitative or quantitative swing weighting;

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